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Catharine Fennell

Video Assessments in Talent Acquisition: The Winning Formula for Digital Talent Screening


You have heard about video interviewing and may already be using it in your workflow.  So what is the impact digital video technology is having on the talent assessment process?  How is it being used to reduce bias and improve convenience for both candidates and recruiters.


Employers are under pressure to reduce bias, increase transparency and standardization in evaluation in the talent screening process.  Also faced with a more mobile workforce and a competitive talent market, employers are seeking to improve efficiency through the use of new assessment technology without losing the authentic human connection with candidates.


Learn how employers and recruiters are seeing the impact of video assessment in their workflow by going beyond the resume and traditional interviewing and screening methods to learn more about candidates bringing the best of standardized and structured measurement together with open, human responses.

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Catharine Fennell has been working at the forefront of disruptive Internet business models since 1996 being part of the launch of the first generation Internet banking solutions and building doctor patient interactions and telehealth online.  Living in both New York and Canada over the course of her career, Catharine is a digital native excited about how technology can support our ability to stay connected as humans in a digital world.   This objective is what inspired Catharine to launch videoBIO in 2009 helping candidates to digitize and communicate their identity, sharing more about themselves.  In 2012 videoBIO’s software suite extended to enterprise recruiting providing hiring teams with a technology that would allow them to interview and screen candidates using an on demand interview method.  Since that time videoBIO Recruiter has expanded its reach worldwide powering Fortune 500 companies and top universities in their recruiting practices.  In the last five years videoBIO Recruiter has increased its focus in the area of competency-based hiring using audio-based AI and machine learning supporting businesses in their objective of standardizing their hiring decision making and reducing bias.


Catharine Fennell speaks regularly on subjects including Digital Disruption in HR, the Digital Workforce and the use of Video AI Assessment in hiring practices.  Catharine is a strong advocate for diversity in hiring candidate rights and transparency in AI and technology-based decision making.

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