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Dr. David Weiss

Hiring Leaders with 3 Essential Intelligences


Based on Dr. Weiss’ co-authored book, Innovative Intelligence:
The Art and Practice of Leading Sustainable Innovation in Your Organization


The digital age created a major shift in leadership requirements, and many recruiters are now struggling with accurately capturing qualities of the modern-day and future leaders. In this session, Dr. David Weiss will discuss three essential intelligences for leaders to be able to lead in our complex digital age. He will describe the three intelligences required to lead effectively and its implications for finding and hiring leadership talent. This insightful and entertaining session, based upon Dr. Weiss’ co-authored book Innovative Intelligence and his subsequent work in this area, will focus on the following:

  • What are the dynamic changes in the workplace that have implications for leaders?

  • What are the three essential intelligences for leaders in our complex digital age?

  • What are the implications for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals?

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Dr. David S. Weiss, Ph.D., ICD.D is President and CEO of Weiss International Ltd., a firm specializing in innovation, leadership, and HR consulting for many Fortune 500, social enterprise and public-sector organizations. David has provided consulting on more than 1000 business and organizational projects, delivered over 200 conference presentations and he has written over 50 journal and trade articles. He is the author or co-author of seven books including Innovative Intelligence (Wiley, also available in Chinese and Persian) which was reported by CBC News as a “top 5 business book” in the year it was published. David has conducted executive sessions in Canada, USA, China, Russia, Israel, Uganda, South Africa, Malaysia, Chile, Hungary, Paris and England. Previously, Affiliate Professor of Rotman School of Management, Senior Research Fellow at Queen’s University, and VP and Chief Innovation Officer of Knightsbridge, David currently teaches at four university executive development programs, including Rotman, Schulich, DeGroote and St, Mary’s University. David’s doctorate is from the University of Toronto and he has three Master’s degrees. He has been honoured by many organizations globally including by the Government of Canada with the “Distinguished Lecturer” certificate, by the Asia-Pacific HR Congress with the “HR Leadership Award,” and by HRPA with the lifetime designation of “Fellow HRPA.” Download many of David’s articles at , read an article about David’s innovative ideas at  and join over 10,000 followers on Twitter at @DrDavidWeiss

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