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Erik Simins

A NEXUS Card for Job Applicants & Employers: Unleashing the Power of Truth


AI has been touted as a technology to enhance and eventually replace talent acquisition teams. Not a chance. At least not with the data that is being used today. We know in technology that bad data in equals bad data out and what is the foremost data resource for talent selection? The resume, which is self-proclaimed, embellished or just inaccurate. During this talk we will look at what technologies are being implemented to ensure that AI uses “truthful” data and how combining distributed ledger, AI and computer vision will create a NEXUS-like passport but for job applicants and employers.

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Erik founded MAGNUS Personnel in 2011 which today has more than 150 enterprise clients and has delivered more than 1000 placements. As a member of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization), his closely-knit forum includes Dmitry Buterin, father of Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum – the second largest blockchain in the world with a market cap $19Billion USD). Erik’s close relationship with Dmitry began his pursuit of exploring blockchain technology to solve the hiring cycle challenges of enterprise clients. In 2017 he founded WorkWolf, a platform that provides users the ability to access, store and link source verified credentials to their resumes and social profile, creating new standard truth in applicant profiling. A recent father of two, he loves to travel with his family, renovate investment properties and dreams of one day buying a run-down castle in the south of France.

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