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Geoffrey Ashford-Smith

Hire, Lead and Grow Your Most Valuable Assets

Want to see Geoffrey at #TRCONF?



With the goal of revolutionizing work, you will learn how to use an innovative psychometrics platform to:

  • Make smarter hiring decisions by identifying top talent that align with your culture,

  • Provide your leaders with the tools they need to build and lead stronger teams,

  • Grow your most valuable people by pinpointing their true potential and specific developmental needs.


The session will be led by our expert in talent assessments and development Geoffrey Ashford-Smith.  Geoffrey will also outline how other organizations (such as Air Transat Laurentian Bank, and Pixmob) have used AtmanCo to align their top talent with their core competencies to boost hiring success rates, lower turnover, increase employee engagement, elevate productivity, and create a resilient company culture. 

Participant take aways:

  • Selection and Pre selection of Candidates

  • Acquisition and Fusion/Succession Planning

  • Improved Communication • Change Management

  • Stress Management 

  • Performance Management

  • Coaching and Individual Development

  • Self Awareness

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Building


Geoffrey Ashford-Smith is a human capital consultant at Atman. Atman helps employers maximize their most important asset; their employees. Geoffrey graduated from York University with a Psychology degree and knew the value that psychometrics can bring to organizations when they’re selecting and developing employees. Geoffrey has worked with organizations across Canada ranging from fortune 500 companies to Universities and Colleges and has a vast range of knowledge and insight about how these organizations handle their recruitment and employee development processes. Geoffrey considers himself a forever learner, and it is for this reason he enjoys understanding how to maximize each organizations talent assessment and development practices.

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