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Laura Hartnell

Certified Advanced Résumé Writer & Engineering and Science Résumé Specialist

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As a Certified Advanced Résumé Writer and Engineering and Science Résumé Specialist, Laura uncovers the right information from her clients and homes in on their unique selling proposition to develop rich self-marketing documents that secure their ideal jobs. She offers strategic résumé, CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, personal statement, and biography composition. She also delivers job search, interview, and salary negotiation training. With a keen attention to detail and a warm conversational style, Laura takes nothing for granted. She invests the time to get to know her clients, understand their value, and convey their worth in the job market.

Laura remains current on all the latest and greatest within the career industry as an active member of Career Directors International (CDI). As a regular contributor to the CDI Education Committee, she organizes a quarterly column, Recruiter Voice, to ensure résumé writing professionals are strongly aligned with recruitment trends. Her skill-set is complimented by university training, including:

  • Master of Art Degree: Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Bachelor of Art Degree (Double Honours): Wilfrid Laurier University

Laura began her career as a ghost writer for Washington DC’s top-rated résumé company. Steadily moving up the ranks, it was only a matter of a few months before she became their #1 writer. Having helped hundreds of American clients land their desired roles, she was eager to bring her knack for personal branding to the Canadian market.    

With a collaborative process that pinpoints achievements, validates experiences, and boosts confidence, Laura’s clients become top competition in their respective fields. Whether she’s working with a new engineering grad or an experienced nurse, Laura equips her clients with the personal worth and self-marketing tools needed to enhance their careers!