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Maaz Rana

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment


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Maaz Rana, is a champion of inclusion and belonging. His mission is to help eliminate unconscious hiring bias and equitably increase diversity in the workplace. 

He is a keynote speaker and a co-contributor with LinkedIn on the Future of Work report “Now Hiring: The Skills Companies Want that Young Canadians Need.” In addition to being a leader in HR transformation and A.I ethics, Amnesty International has recognized him as a thought leader in “The Future of Work” and “Disruption of Artificial Intelligence”. Maaz is often asked to share his thoughts on topics covering Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, The Future of Work, HR transformation, as well as various topics concerning Artificial Intelligence, Disruption and Entrepreneurship. 

Much of his time is spent as a Co-founder of Knockri, where he’s fortunate to realize his many passions. Knockri is an A.I. video Assessment tool - a leader in HR technology that has proved to equitably improve the gender and ethnic makeup of businesses, across various industries. 

Knockri works with Fortune 500's and has been featured in numerous media outlets including: Forbes, Bloomberg, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Venture beat, CBC's National, The Globe and Mail, MaRs & Many other Notable Publications.