Robert A. Dougan

Building Effective Teams


The most effective team sessions with any organization always begin with focusing on the “conscious competence” of the individual first – being self-aware of their strengths and knowing what they do well! The major talking points of the presentation are: 

  • Identify the strengths and growth opportunities of your current individuals and teams.

  • Recruit and select new candidates who complement the existing team with both shared and synergistic strengths.

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Robert is a highly sought after Talent Strategist who has consulted with some of the largest Insurance, Banking, and Investment companies from across North America. During his long tenure with Self Management Group, he has implemented numerous talent solutions with companies to help them achieve performance and retention excellence. Specifically, some of the talent optimization solutions Robert implemented has helped some companies double their productivity and improve retention with cost savings anywhere between $10 million to $60 million.

Robert is extremely well-respected in the talent community and has carried out hundreds of speaking engagements across Canada, the United States, Europe, and South Asia.

Tel: 905-812-5627

Text: 289-206-1651

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